The upper right section of your locker includes three icons: 1) Contact Lender, 2) Notifications, 3) Profile. Clicking on the human icon brings the profile menu.   


My Profile 
General information – name, zip code, email. 

Password Reset  to change your password 

Credit report – this is the information you entered to obtain your score and report.  If you would like to un-enroll, you can do that here.   

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions are located here 

Preferences – answers to your questions on your preferences regarding personal finance and lending are here. Change them at anytime.   

Plansanswers to questions about your plans with regards to a home loan, home equity, auto loan, student loans, are here.  Change them at any time. 

Settings  Here we include information on how you want to be communicated with such as notifications.  Turn on/off notifications for goals, budgets, credit, accounts, etc.  We also list your accounts enrolled; you have the ability to hide an account so it will not display in your locker or calculations.