From the main dashboard, select details in the credit score section.

In the credit section, you will see not only a summary of your credit score, but also the areas that make up the credit score.   

Credit score – highlight these two words to see your credit score over the last 12 months.   



Additionally, highlight the below will give you a snapshot of each area that makes up the credit score. 

  • Number of active accounts 

  • Length of credit 

  • Payment history 

  • Inquiries on credit report 


Selecting one of the credit files:  American Express, BestBuy CBNA, Brooks Brothers CBNA, etc. opens up a detailed snapshot of that credit tradeline.  You will be able to see the utilization rate, balance used vs credit limit, minimum payment, original open date, payment history and details such as the type of credit and the delinquency:  30 / 60 / 90 days late. 



Credit Alerts (0) – circled above, will take you to any active alert on your credit file 

Freeze Credit at Equifax – will take you to the Equifax credit freeze page to freeze/unfreeze your credit file – for free.