You have the opportunity to obtain a credit scorecredit report and have your credit file monitored for changes as part of your personal financial management tool.   If you’ve enrolled as part of your initial setup, you are all setand can already see your score as well as peruse your credit report.   If not, follow these steps: 


First, give consent to enroll for your personal credit score and credit report. Don’t worry, this credit access is considered a “soft” credit inquiry and has no impact to your credit score.  


Second, you will need to compete some additional personal information to access your credit score and report.  First name, last name, email, date of birth, social security number, city, state and zip code.  


To verify your identity, some challenge questions only you would know are asked to be completed.  Upon successful enrollment, you will receive the following confirmation. 


Below is what your credit score display would look like on the Locker.